Was this stardust created. By the heat of that primordial fire of creation stirring deep within the great oceans, this stardust was given breath. Atoms vibrating faster in grand clusters, bonding to form molecules. From simple amino acid building blocks to complex protein elements, the dance of these molecules is what we know of as life. Electrified stardust. It is this vibration, the glue that bonds the molecules, this presence of energy that we call soul . Giving reason and meaning to our eternal dance between order and chaos, light and dark, you and me. What carries us is an endless current. The flow. From one state to another. Change being our only constant. Enabling our ability to adapt. To change. This adaptation creates perfection. Millions of years of evolution. Genetic iteration upon iteration up to this moment. Right now.

To You.

You are the product of great struggle. The striving and surviving endured by your ancestors created You. Stored within your genes is the snapshot memory of all their laughter, tears, love and fears. Recorded in You is a recount of their challenges faced. Their many times of naught giving way to plenty. All of their faithful steps made through life are embedded within You. These steps, their journeys through the path of time, created the circumstances to create the You who is listening to this right now.

Many steps they took were steps into the unknown. Off lonely cliffs without the promise of safety. Without the hope of knowing. Because only in the moments of their greatest faith did the miraculous reveal itself. Only when the realization hit that the next step or ground, sought by foot, was several miles down, were they forced to face a most certain and painful truth.. In that split moment they were forced to evolve. They changed the configuration of their stardust molecules to sprout the wings they needed to not just survive the fall, but to soar to the next vibration they had yet to imagine. That they didn't even know existed within themselves. The next iteration of self and soul.

They had to have done that or You would not be here now. Listening to this. All of this is contained within you. All of their challenges faced and conquered. All of their fears vanquished. All of their suffering and pain, happiness and joy. Every single set of wings sprouted. Every last detail of them is now You. And you have access to it all, stored within your genetic memory.

So as you stand on your precipice, getting ready to make that leap into the unknown, know, it has been done before by You. So do not be afraid. You have been here before. Gather all that courage that lies dormant within you and fly.

Om Namah Shivaya

“Success is imminent and will not be held off.”