a puzzle...

I am created with finite precision.

The matrix to which I am found is subject to my creator.

I can be found within a three dimensional location, and I, myself, am three dimensional.

Prior to my acquisition by my creator, I am yet I am not.

What you see is simply a figure.

Written by my creator, I am a symbol of emptiness.

A place holder to designate hundreds, thousands, millions and nothing.

My creator decides how you see me.

But one can never truly understand the void to which the creator has made me into.

After my creation and subsequent deposition, my age is relative.

Never absolute.

I am timeless, yet I adhere to the laws of time.

In fact, if it were not for me, there would be no forward movement of time.

There would be no initial condition from which the first moment, movement or breath could be measured.

And without me, there would be no end to these simple measurements to which you define your life.

I am the beginning and the end and the nothing in between.

Who am I?

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“Success is imminent and will not be held off.”