Aligned intentions. Mutual states of simultaneously shifting arousal.

In this we experience a sensing of each other's subjective states. Into which we mingle sweat. Salt. And motions of forward movement...

We respond to each other in a synchronicity. One that builds within each a deep rapport. A knowing of timeless endlessness. Beyond the bounds of liquid space. That spills out milky white across celestial body of heaven.

How close can it be? To slowly go where no man has gone before. Because in a second. That timeless endlessness is over. Aching to rise and make it over. But never to be done.

In that is the paradox. The conundrum. The body of evidence identified by blood and flesh. To be shared. Once sanctified in wine. Twice purified now divine. Only to be partaken of by my lips.

For just one taste of heaven.

So close within that approximation of attunement. When you are within proximity. And I am allowed within your Grace.

to go back to stardust....

“Success is imminent and will not be held off.”