Parable or Parabola? It is all Calculus....

Something to ponder on as you walk your walk and breathe you breath that takes you from here to there in this perpetual movement that is life. A dreamed metaphor that perhaps you can relate to. Think on it my dear marshmallow covered gods-in-training, have you ever been here before?

I want you to picture this in your mind. As if it were on a screen and you were in the audience. Is this a story of you? Can you remember this time in your life? Or are you so caught in it that you are unable to see how it relates to you? Would you recognize it if it were you?

Can you hear your soundtrack that plays along? Does it have a deep, throbbing bass line that makes you ache for the action that you are about to take? Or is it soft and mournful in reflective respite? What do you hear?

Shall we skip the credits and begin?

There is a man. And he is running. It seems that our character has just committed a crime of unknown origin. We needn't specify the crime, it is insignificant. However, this escape is the start of a chase, for this man has guards following him. He can find no where to hide, save one place. A well. He descends into a well by means of some vines growing down the sides of this well. As he descends, he notices the bottom of the well undulates. The floor of the well is alive with vipers of all sizes. This man decides ascend the vine and leave the hiding place of the well, however, he hears the guards above. This man decides to cling to the vine for safety. After a time, a period of waiting, long waiting, his arms begin to grow tired. This man looks down to the slithering bottom, then looks up to the top of the well for the guards and notices that two mice, one white and one black are gnawing at the vine he clings to.

If the vine breaks, he will fall to the vipers and perish. Suddenly, on looking upward, he notices just above his face is a bee-hive. From this bee-hive drops honey onto him and the vine he clings to. It is part of what the mice gnaw on. And the taste of this honey is sweetness like none other. The man, forgetting all his danger, tastes the honey with delight.

So, my little peeps, have you thought on this movie? Have you ever found yourself in such a predicament? Can you relate? I tell you this, I can relate. I have been there before. I have run through the streets, being chased by thugs for a crime I felt was of no significance. However, the ones I wronged, believed otherwise. I have seen the undulating floor of the well. I have heard the hissing of the vipers at my feet. I have seen the mice. And, I have tasted that honey.

So what does it all mean? What happens to the man? Well, that is truly up to the one who creates the story, now isn't it? Though it seems to be a circumstance to be overcome, that is not truly it at all. This is the constant state of life not lived in the light.

Translate the metaphors. I dare you.

The man is you. One who is born to suffer and die alone. And die you shall, it is the way of this life. For every beginning, there is an end. Do not live in fear of it or your life will be worthless. And this is your movie. This is not outside of your realm of existence.

The guards and vipers are not external. They are the desires of the body. The longings of the flesh keep us in a state of not moving forward. These are things that keep you in the bad situation that you got yourself into, whether or not the crime you committed was a real one. The situation is as it is. This is the phenomena of natural life. Sometimes, we suffer a crime we did not commit, however the true crime is in the suffering you believe you are experiencing.

The vines are the continuity of human life. As long as you cling to them, you are alive. And in clinging, you perpetuate the situation you are in.

The mice, one white and one black, refers to the duration of time. You cannot cling to life indefinitely. Day passes into night. Days into months and into years.

But that honey. What is it? It is the trap that allows you to stay in the situation you are in. It is the reward that keeps you from moving. It is the physical pleasures that beguile the suffering of the passing years. Though it makes things fine for that moment, that sweet taste on your lips, it only distracts you from the inevitable. You will either fall or climb to your physical desires eventually, so why not enjoy the ride? Time seems to like the distraction as well. Oh yes it does. It makes you struggle less against its passage.

So, are you ready to get out of that situation? Are you ready to see it for what it truly is? The human life is the result of cause and conditions. This is how we trap ourselves in these bad situations. We perpetuate them. They become habitual tendencies. This is the principle of causality. That honey won't change things, it only perpetuates the lie that everything is ok. That you will be fine. You are still in pain. You are still suffering. Pain and suffering do not exist in isolation, they come about as the result of cause and conditions. Pain and suffering are perpetuated by ignorance and desires.

It is, as I see it, that if you do not want the result, you should strive to put an end to its cause. But how can you when you are blinded by your situation and your pain? You can cling to the ladders and crutches of religion, but there is no continuity in dogma. You must make a way for yourself. Ignorance is dispelled by insight and knowledge. With knowledge, you can successfully see throught the illusion created by your habitual tendencies. But this can only be attained through mental focus. Only through focus can you apply the wisdom of insight. And all of this must be built upon the foundation of proper ethics that fit you. Then you can begin. And that is only the beginning. There is so much more out there for you. So much that would make the honey of your vine-well-vipers-guards-mice situation taste as bitter as vinegar.

Set yourself free.


if you've suffered enough

I can understand what you're thinking of

I can see the pain that you're frightened of

and I'm only here

to bring you free love let's make it clear

that this is free love

no hidden catch

no strings attached

just free love


But don't take my word for it. Find out for yourself.

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“Success is imminent and will not be held off.”